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About & Incorporation: The company South West Or WN was started by Herbert Kelleher and Rollin King in the year 1966. The old name was American Airlines. It was renamed Air Southwest Company in the year 1967. The airline started using its current name as Southwest Airline in the year 1971. The main features that highlight the company are cheap airfare, no-adjunct air service with many short distances flights. It is one of the most commonly used airlines in the United Stated Of America. It is also known as the world’s largest and cheapest airlines. The WN airline headquarter is in Dallas Texas. As per the current report, the airline is serving 121 destinations around the world. More domestic passengers travel through Southwest Airlines than any other airline in the United States of America. Approximately 4,000 employees are working with Southwest Airlines.

History & Recognition: Southwest Airlines had initially planned air service for passengers for the distances between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The Airline was unable to run the flights until the year 1971 because of several ongoing legal clashes. In order to promote and expand the airline started a theme called “love”. Sooner the airline was able to commence the regional service in the year 1979. In just a few decades the airline was well-known and started ramping up at an alarming rate. Currently, it is operating from 45 airports other Central destinations of the United States.

Why Southwest Airlines: It is the only airline that has only economy-class seats, and does not have business-class or first-class seats on its flight. Still, it does offer many facilities, which are as follows:

  1. The airline permits two free-of-charge checked bags per passenger.
  2. The passengers are permitted to change their flight up to 10 minutes prior to their flights without any extra fee.
  3. In the event of a cancellation, passengers are refunded a travel credit in the amount spent on their tickets.
  4. It offers free in-flight non-alcoholic beverages and offers alcoholic beverages for sale for a very cheaper price. Free alcoholic drinks are served on some holidays such as Valentine’s Day and etc. They also serve complimentary snacks on all flights.
  5. The airline was also number one on the 2020 Airline Quality Rating list.
  6. The airline allows free checked baggage without any additional change fees.
  7. Approximately the airline has 4,000 departures per day during the high season.

Entertainment in the South West flight: All the flights are equipped with Wi-Fi, along with free of charge streaming live television, latest movies, streaming music, and app messaging throughout the journey. The airline is very particular in terms of maintaining its commitment to fun, gifting lollipops to commuters when cigarettes were banned, and singing chants on flights around festivals.

Rapid Rewards: Members can earn and can also redeem their points based on a three-tier fare scale multiplier and the cost of the ticket. As long as the member is alive, Rapid Rewards points do not expire.

Interesting Facts about Southwest Airlines:

  • No additional fee for a change or cancellation
  • 2 free bags per passenger
  • Memorable inflight entertainment
  • Passenger can choose his or her seat
  • Easy and use friendly boarding
  • Passenger can earn and redeem the rapid reward points

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