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The capital city of England and therefore of the United Kingdom is London. In forty-three A.D. the city was based by the Romans for trading and port settlement. From port settlements in the ancient time with a low populated city, London in the 21st century has become a megacity with around 9 million populations. The port was the major source of attraction for the tourists, merchants and traders from the ancient time. As a result, the city contains a variety of people from almost all around the world. The culture in London is quite attractive including the British Museum, the Tata Galleries, the National Gallery and the Notting Hill Carnival. The nightlife in the city is also very attractive consisting music, comedy, theatre which is the best part for the visitors to get entertained.

From March through May is considered as best time to be in London as the climate is gentle. Throughout the year the temperature varies from around 4 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees Celsius and very rarely below -1 degrees Celsius or above 28 degrees Celsius. As London has a variety of people it also has a huge population of abroad students. It is one of the dominant global educational center of the world. Few best universities for higher studies are University College London, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Greenwich and many more. London has made an immense growth in trade as well as in the education sector which makes the city very popular.

Neeva - Air Travel Agency

The nation follows the monarch governing system, which means grand residences and royal castles, parks and buildings is a part of the culture and one can get a chance to visit the palaces which include some terms to visit from inside, some of them to must visit are Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, The Regent’s Park, Hampton Court Palace and St James’s Park. One of the main attraction of the city is River Thames which was once a main trade center of London. With a beautiful view of the river along with the buildings and bridges across the river makes it very amazing and best place to visit. Some of the top sights across the River Thames are Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare’s Globe, Cutty Sark, Waterloo Bridge and Museum of London Docklands. You can also tour the river in a cruise enjoy beautiful sights and landmarks and also can have a ride on the speedboat. The river is the must place to visit being in London.

The city is also the best place for all the foodies and regular shoppers, providing you the variety of shops including flower markets is the great delight for most of the people. Camden Market, Covent Garden, Borough Market, Columbia Road Flower Market and Broadway Market are some places to must visit. Also one can visit the amusement parks to make the trip more amusing which includes Thorpe Park and Chessington World.

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